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Supaplex Online is a HTML5 (JS) port of original Supaplex.
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Welcome to our 2nd new server. :)
User activity has been restored and demos have been processed.
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Last 24h activity (1203 levels solved!)

16m agoanonymoussolved level27ofmaster-computer.dat(demo)
17m agoanonymoussolved level24ofmaster-computer.dat(demo)
30m agoanonymoussolved level10ofBenko_LEVELS1-48.DAT(demo)
31m agoanonymoussolved level79ofLevels.d34(demo)
34m agoanonymoussolved level9ofBenko_LEVELS1-48.DAT(demo)
48m agoanonymoussolved level22ofmaster-computer.dat(demo)
50m agopingโ€ฆsolved level63ofmaster-computer.dat(demo) (segmented)
51m agoanonymoussolved level20ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
52m agoanonymoussolved level78ofLevels.d34(demo)
1h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level111oflevels.d05(demo)
2h agomaftโ€ฆsolved level2ofLEVELS.D99(demo)
2h agomaftโ€ฆsolved level1ofLEVELS.D99(demo)
2h agopucaโ€ฆsolved level16ofmaster-computer.dat(demo)
2h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level110oflevels.d05(demo)
4h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level86oflevels.d05(demo)
4h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level85oflevels.d05(demo)
4h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level84oflevels.d05(demo)
4h agodiegโ€ฆsolved level78ofmaster-computer.dat(demo) (segmented)
4h agoanonymoussolved level12ofLEVELS_ERYK_TRACZ_3.DAT(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level83oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level82oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level81oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level80oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level79oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level78oflevels.d05(demo)
5h agoanonymoussolved level2oflevels.d89(demo)
5h agoanonymoussolved level25ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level2ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level1ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level6oflevels.d79(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level9ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level3oflevels.d79(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level8ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level2oflevels.d79(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level7ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level23ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level6ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level5ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoeiraโ€ฆsolved level74ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level4ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level66oflevels.d05(demo)
6h agoeiraโ€ฆsolved level73ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level3ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level2ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoarisโ€ฆsolved level29oflevels.d05(demo)
6h agojpj_โ€ฆsolved level1ofsupaplex.dat(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level11oflevels.d08(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level9oflevels.d08(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level8oflevels.d08(demo)
6h agoanonymoussolved level7oflevels.d08(demo)
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โฌค = SOLVED

Supaplex Online is currently in beta testing. While the game itself is now 100% playable we are still working on a proper website to house the game.

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